Sunday, January 16, 2011

Morning Glories #1

Writer:  Nick Spenser
Art:  Joe Eisma
Publisher:  Image Comics

"For a better future" seems to be the theme of this first issue.  It appears in various spots throughout the story.  The basic story is that teenagers from various walks of life are coming together at a special school.  For the most part, they are excited by this opportunity.  What they don't see is that violent happenings are going on behind the scenes.  The final page revelation is shocking.  

Nick Spenser does a solid job of setting the stage for the rest of the series.  The various characters are shown to have different personalities.  The history of each character is established while not revealing all of the mysteries.  Spenser is rapidly proving himself to be one of the best of the new writers in the industry.  He sets up an interesting story without giving too much away.  The mysteries in this issue (all of the students were born on the same day?) and the shock ending make you anxious for the next issue.  This is the way to start a new series.

The art by Joe Eisma shows solid storytelling skills with a touch of manga influence.  The panel layouts help keep the story moving.  He showcases a good knowledge of how to tell a story.  

The team of Spencer and Eisma have created a great start for this series.

Highly recommended.

4 out of 5 stars.

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