Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ant-Man #1

Writer:  Nick Spenser

Artist:  Ramon Rosanas

First Publication:  January 2015

Source:  Comixology

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Graphic Novel Challenge #3

With the trailers for this summer’s movie starting to show, it makes sense that Marvel would want to start a new series.  I am guessing the first collection will be available in time for the movie.

This story follows the efforts of Scott (Ant-Man) Lang to get a new job and a fresh start.  Writer Nick Spenser does a great job of capturing the voice and characterization of the main character (and the other characters).  The theme of this issue was new beginnings.  Scott’s ex-wife says that he cannot have their daughter stay overnight until he gets a better place.  The sequence of Scott competing against the other candidates for the Head of Security opening at Tony Stark’s company is a classic.  Once again showcasing his grasp of characterization, Spenser nails the personality of Tony Stark.  I would like to see him do a stint on the Iron Man title.  

Highly recommended. 

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