Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lazarus Vol. 1

Writer:  Greg Rucka

Artist:  Michael Luck

First Publication:  October 2013

Source:  Comixology

Publisher: Image

Graphic Novel Challenge #11

A good friend kept raving about this series until I broke down and tried it.  Now I can’t get enough of this Greg Rucka and Mike Lark masterpiece.  The world is divided up by regions controlled by families.  Each family has a protector called a Lazarus.  This tells the story of the Carlyle family and their Lazarus.  First off, Lark does an amazing job of bringing this dystopian/future world to life.  The characters look stunningly realistic.  Unlike some artists, Lark makes this story flow.  You can have an enjoyable experience just by looking at the art.  But you will be shortchanging yourself if you don’t read the words.  Rucka has obviously put a lot of effort into building the backstory.  The story takes longer to read than the average comic but I never felt like it was a slow read.  The details he puts into it also helps to make it seem more realistic. He tells a great science fiction adventure/political intrigue story with one of my favorite female lead characters of all time.

Highly recommended.

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