Thursday, September 11, 2014

All-New Invaders Vol. 1: Gods and Soldiers

Author:  James Robinson

Artist:  Steve Pugh

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

First Publication:  July 2014

Rating:  9

Source:  Comixology

Graphic Novel Challenge #47

Collects All-New Invaders #s 1-6

“All-New Invaders” quickly became one of my favorite titles.  The writing of James Robinson was some of his best.  The series has the feel of his classic “The Golden Age” series from DC.  The art perfectly complements the script.  It features a clean cut style that is also similar to Paul Smith’s art from “The Golden Age”.  Among the many stories that captured my interest includes updating the current status of the Jim (the Original Human Torch) Hammond as he tries to fit into small town life, events going on in the Kree empire, and the interaction of the former Invaders in modern time Marvel continuity.  Robinson builds the story with perfectly timed revelations that carry the story through to the end.

I will be anxiously following future chapters of this series.  

Highly recommended.

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