Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Crusaders Vol. 1: Rise of the Heroes

Author:  Ian Flynn

Artist:  Ben Bates, Alitha Martinez

Publisher:  Archie Comics

First Publication:  March 2013

Rating:  8

Source:  Comixology

Graphic Novel Challenge #50

My first exposure to the Red Circle heroes was in the Rich Buckler led revival.  Buckler drew “The Crusaders” while others did “The Fly”, “The Shield” and others.  It was short lived but I liked it.  ”Rise of the Heroes” is basically a follow up to that era.  The heroes settled down and started raising families.  When a threat from the past returns and exacts revenge, the next generation is forced to pick up the torch.

I found this to be a fun return to classic super hero storytelling.  The new crew is going through a growing process that will be fun to follow.

Highly recommended.

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