Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Invincible Volumes 15-19

Author:  Robert Kirkman

Artists:  Ryan Ottley,Cliff Rathburn, John Rauch, Cory Walker

Publisher:  Image Comics

Source:  Comixology

Graphic Novel Challenge #s 37-41

Invincible Vol. 15:  Get Smart

Rating 8.5

“Invincible” is a great series that gets overlooked because of the success of Kirkman’s other title that came out around the same time.  Something called “The Walking Dead”.  Is one better than the other?  If you are looking for a serious book and are not a fan of superheroes, then “The Walking Dead” is for you.  If, like me, you enjoy both kinds of books, “Invincible” is one of the better ones being published today.  This is a series that needs to be read in order.  If you want to try it I recommend reading the first two collections to get a feel for the series.  But definitely read them in order.  Kirkman spends a lot of time building the series up from the foundation of the first stories.

Mark (Invincible) Grayson starts to address the age old superhero question.  Should superheroes fight crime or should they work on solving the big problems (such as droughts, food shortages, etc.).  In typical Kirkman fashion he makes a convincing argument, the hero starts to follow a plan, and then everything goes wrong.  Kirkman is a master of giving you a false sense of security right before it all hits the fan.

The art is my least favorite thing about “Invincible”.  While the two artists do quality work, I personally prefer a more realistic style.  Although a realistic style would make the violence less startling, a cartoony style catches you off guard when Kirkman puts in a scene where you see what would really happen when someone with superpowers punches someone.  This is not for the faint of heart.

Overall it is a very rewarding comic that I hope continues for a long time.  

Highly recommended.

Invincible Vol. 16:  Family Ties

Rating 8.5

Shocking twists, violent battle scenes and great characterization fill this collection.  Once again, I did not see where the plot was going but once Kirkman revealed it it made sense.

Invincible Vol. 17:  What's Happening?

Rating 8

While still a very good collection, I thought this one was not quite as good as the others.  Kirkman pulls back and puts more of the focus on the replacement Invincible.  I think he did it to distract the reader from the next collection…

invincible Vol. 18:  The Death of Everyone

Rating 8.5

The series has been building to this story line for a long time.  Kirkman even went so far as to show up what would happen because of the previous actions of one of the heroes.  But when it actually happens I was still stunned.  I won’t reveal anything else because this is more effective when you don’t know what is coming.

Invincible Vol. 19:  The War at Home

Rating 8.5

Arch villain Levy returns.  As you can imagine, if you have read his previous appearances, this cannot be good for our hero.  Invincible is on the verge of becoming obsessed with taking him down.  Violence ensues.  In classic fashion, Kirkman surprises me again with a relationship change.

The entire “Invincible” series is highly recommended by me.

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