Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kings Watch Volume 1

Author:  Jeff Parker

Artist:  Marc Laming

Publisher:  Dynamite Entertainment

First Publication:  August 26, 2014

Source:  Net Galley

Graphic Novel Challenge #28

Dynamite has struck pulp gold once again with this collection.  I love the team up of the Kings Feature newspaper strip characters.  They were previously teamed up in the "Defenders of the Earth" cartoon.

Marc Laming was the perfect artist for this series.  His clean line work, facial features, action shots, and special effects made for a visual feast for the eyes.  It is no wonder that I have started seeing his work appear at Marvel Comics.  He would be great on any comic no matter what the subject matter.

Jeff Parker has written many good comics in the past.  I have fond memories of his "Agents of Atlas" and also enjoy his current work on "Aquaman".  He nails the characterization of the big three and their supporting teams.  The invasion plot he created was a good reason for the characters to team up.  And, while this is a complete story, Parker sets the stage for future Flash Gordon stories.

Fans of pulp or good old fashioned super-heroes will love this book.  Highly recommended.

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  1. I used to read the old Mandrake and Phantom books (in black and white) 25 or so years ago in my aunt's house. Its some of my earlier comic book memories.

    I'm on the fend with this one. On one side I'm very curious about it, on the other I'm afraid it will fall short of greatness.

    Thanks for the review.