Monday, November 3, 2014

E.G.O.s Volume 1

Author:  Stuart Moore

Artist:  Gus Storms

Publisher:  Image 

Source:  NetGalley

First Publication:  September 2014

Graphic Novel Challenge #56

Stuart Moore has written some titles in the past that I really liked so I thought I would give this one a try.  With DC Comics not currently publishing one of my favorites, the Legion of Super-Heroes, I was in the market for another future based team title.  E.G.O.s hit the mark.  

The basis is different enough, an aging super-hero rebuilds his former team with new heroes, that it did not seem like a simple rehashing of old stories.  The way Moore and Storms put  together this story it is fully fleshed out without slowing down the action.  The future technology, world building, characterization, mystery, and action combine to make one of the best titles of this year.

Highly recommended (especially for other fans of the Legion of Super-Heroes).  Now when are we going to see more of this title?

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