Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Author/Artist:  Gabriel Hardman

Publisher:  Image Comics

Source:  NetGalley

First Publication:  November 2014

Collects  Kinski #s 1-6

Graphic Novel Challenge #57

The age old story of a man and his dog.  The only problem is how the man got the dog.  Most people would buy a puppy or adopt from a shelter.  Not in this case.  A salesman decides to "rescue" a dog from a neglectful family.  The "rescue" ends up turning into a crime drama.  Hardman does a good job of developing the character of the salesman.  Fans of character driven drama will love this collection.

Highly recommended.

I remember meeting Gabe Hardman at one of Comic Geek Speak's Super Shows.  I enjoyed his work for Marvel at that time on Hulk.  He turned out to be as nice in person as he is talented at the art table.  Since then, I have followed his career.  If you ever get the chance to see him and his amazing penciled pages at a convention, take the time to wait in line.  It is worth it.

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