Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nightwing Vol. 5: Setting Son

Author:  Kyle Higgins

Artists:  Will Conrad, Cliff Richards, Russell 

Publisher:  DC Comics

Source:  NetGalley

First Publication:  December 2014

Collects:  Nightwing #s 25-29, Annual #1

Graphic Novel Challenge #58

The finale to Nightwing’s solo title was a good one.  I have been a fan of Kyle Higgins tenure on this title.  He has fleshed out the background of Dick Grayson, especially his life at the circus.  The main focus of this collection is a battle with the classic Bat-villain the Mad Hatter.  Nightwing becomes involved with trying to help a victim of the Hatter who suffers from multiple personalities.  A side effect of her mistreatment at the Hatter’s hands is that she is able to imitate any fighting style once she sees it.  Higgins uses it to show the emotional, mental, and physical struggles of this battle.  

Also included is a Nightwing Annual that shows Dick’s last day in Gotham as he leaves Babs Gordon behind. An epilog to the series is the final issue in the collection.  It is written by the team who are writing Grayson.  They use it to set the stage for that Dick Grayson/spy comic.  

Highly recommended.

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