Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alex + Ada Volume 1

Authors:  Jonathan Luna & Sarah Vaughn

Artist:  Jonathan Luna

Publisher:  Image Comics

First Publication:  July 2014

Source:  Net Galley

Graphic Novel Challenge Book #8

I found this comic to be a mixed bag.  The artist renditions of the characters were pretty good.  What I did not care for was the amount of empty space in some of the panels.  I prefer art with that has more detail in the backgrounds.  Many of the panels had blank backgrounds.  I rank the art as average due to the mixed reactions. 

The story is interesting but lacks a narrative drive.  The characterization was very good.  I feel like I have known people similar to Alex and his friends.  The part that was missing was the main theme was week.  Alex comments at the end of this storyline that he is not sure why he is trying to free Ada from her programming. 

The background technology is very good.  I like the way appliances are run by voice command.

This review sounds very negative but I did enjoy the story and some of the details when I was reading it.  Recommended for fans of human interest, laid back stories.

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