Monday, July 28, 2014

Liquid City Vol. 3

Writers/Artists:  Various

Publisher:  Image Comics

First Publication:  June, 2014

Source:  Net Galley

Graphic Novel Challenge #12

Anthologies have been part of the comics scene for most of its history.  EC Comics produced many anthology titles that featured some classic creators such as Wally Wood.  DC Comics published numerous science fiction (Strange Adventures (I enjoyed the Adam Strange stories), etc.) and horror (House of Mystery, etc.) anthologies.  Later Marvel published the glossy Epic magazine with work by Jim Starlin, John Bolton, and too many others to list.  “Marvel Comics Presents” featured one shot stories and continuing serials.  One of my favorites from this series was the Doug Moench “Master of Kung Fu” serial.  Anthologies are hit or miss.  I enjoyed some more than others.

The cover was interesting and caught my eye.  This is a collection of short stories from Southeast Asia.  I missed the first two volumes but will not be searching them out.  This is a well done anthology but does not appeal to me.  The stories are too short and do not give the creators enough space to develop the characters.  Some people have found this to be more to their tastes.  I recognize that not ever thing will click with every reader.  The work showcased here is quality writing, art, etc.  I think this would be something that fans of the Kitchen Sink publications would enjoy.

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