Friday, July 11, 2014

The Infinity Gauntlet

Author:  Jim Starlin

Artists:  George Perez, Ron Lim

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

First Publication:  Sept., 2011

Source:  Kindle store

Graphic Novel Challenge Book #11

I remember picking up the early work of Jim Starlin off the spinner rack of a small local grocery store.  It was his famous “Captain Marvel/Warlock/Thanos” epic.  Starlin showed how Thanos used the Cosmic Cube to gain god-like powers.  It was a life and death, fate of the universe in the balance story that was amazing.  Starlin revisited Thanos in “The Infinity Gauntlet”.  

I am a big fan of his art and was disappointed to see that he did not do the art for this mini-series.  George Perez, one of my all-time favorites, started on the art and Ron Lim finished as the penciller.  Both do an excellent job.  

It was a fun chance to revisit characters we had not seen in a while.  The story was good but did not have the pathos of Starlin’s earlier work.  The Watcher appears which is interesting since his death is the driving force behind Marvel’s latest crossover, “Original Sin”.  The plot goes back and forth with Thanos gaining the upper hand only to lose it.  The later issues deal with a surprise move by Nebula.  Adam Warlock is guiding the heroes even though they do not know what he has planned.  

Highly recommended as a fun summer blockbuster type crossover.

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  1. This is one of my favorite older crossovers and I agree that it's a good read. It's also self-contained; you don't need to read any tie-in comics which is excellent.