Monday, July 28, 2014

Rocket Girl Vol. 1: Times Squared

Writer:  Brandon Montclare

Artist:  Amy Reeder

Publisher:  Image Comics

First Publication:  July, 2014

Source:  Net Galley

Graphic Novel Challenge #13

Amy Reeder has been a favorite artist of mine since one of my friends raved about her work.  He directed me to read “Madame Xanadu” , which I will be finishing and reviewing later, and I loved it.  Reeder’s art here is a continuation of her maturation as an artist.  The smooth lines, the retro yet modern designs and her storytelling combine to make a beautiful package.  

Rocket Girl is a person out of time story with her traveling to the past.  I have to say that I was won over as soon as I saw she was wearing a jet pack.  Jet packs have been a favorite of mine since the first time I saw Adam Strange and later on when Dave Steven’s unleashed the Rocketeer.  You can’t go wrong with a jet pack.

The storyline is easy to follow as we see our protagonist try to adapt to a society that is backwards to her.  The characters are fleshed out to give the reader the feeling that they already know the people in the story.  In some respects I would love to see a movie version of this story but I am afraid it would not live up to the comic.

Highly recommended.

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