Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Action #1, Superman #1

Superman #1

Script & Breakdowns:  George Perez
Pencils & Inks:  Jesus Merino

The best way to describe this is it was a mixed bag.  As always, the layouts by George Perez are excellent.  He puts more panels on a page than any other artist.  Jesus Merino manages to add little touches that allow his art to show through the layouts.  The most notable example are the scenes with Superman’s cape.  The cape looks like the way Moreno drew it in the past.  Other panels are very much like Perez.  Perez’s script leaves much to be desired.  The plot bounces all over the place without much focus.  Keith Giffin and Dan Jurgens are already announced to take over the series.  I think they will be better suited for Superman.  

Action #1

Writer:  Grant Morrison
Penciller:  Rags Morales
Inker:  Rick Bryant

I cannot remember any other Grant Morrison title that is this fast paced.  Action is an appropriate title for this comic.  Something that Morrison has done in this issue is he fills the story with characterization while the action is going on.  It is definitely one of the most accessible Morrison stories ever.  He continues to be one of my favorite writers.  Action #1 is a look back at the early days of Superman.  He is still working on his costume, establishing a life in Metropolis, and meeting some of his first enemies.  The art by Rags Morales compliments the script.  Morales adds little touches to help flesh out the characters.  Highly recommended.

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