Saturday, November 12, 2011

Drax the Destroyer #1

Writer:  Keith Giffin

Artist:  Mitch Breitweiser

Marvel Comics

Cover Date:  November 2005

Drax the Destroyer was a character that I first encountered in the original Captain Marvel series.  He was brought in during the early days of Jim Starlin's epic battle between Captain Marvel and Thanos.

Drax was created as an unstoppable killing machine designed to take out Thanos.  In this issue, the first chapter of the Annihilation crossover, Drax is on board a prison ship.  Other inmates on the ship include Lunatik, Super Skrull and the Blood Brothers.  The ship crashes on Earth and the inmates escape.

The other storyline involves a young boy and girl who go to investigate the crash site.  The two stories meet at the end of this issue.

Giffin's story is light weight entertainment.  At this point, we are introduced to the various players but are not sure what this has to do with "Annihilation".  Every time I read a Marvel cosmic story, I end up comparing it to Starlin's magnum opus.  This story does not have the depth of the old classic.  Giffin does okay but it is very action oriented with little characterization.

The art by Mitch Breitweiser is another story.  Mitch does a great job with the kids.  The scenery is fantastic whether it is in space or on Earth.  I thought the     
inmates' faces were non-descript.  Overall I liked the artwork.  He does a solid, all around good job with the book.

I will be reading more issues in "Annihilation".  Keep an eye out for more work by this artist.

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