Sunday, November 13, 2011

Aquaman #1

Writer:  Geoff Johns

Penciller:  Ivan Reis

Inker:  Joe Prado

DC Comics

Cover Date:  November 2011

In the new DC Universe, Aquaman and Mera decide to move into a lighthouse and live on the surface.  It is the lighthouse that he grew up in.  Meanwhile, under the surface of the ocean, a menace rises from "The Trench" and starts to invade the surface.

Johns stresses how powerful Aquaman can be.  His actions show that he can be very intimidating.  Many of the people he interacts with comment on what a joke he is based on "Saturday Night Live" skits.  I could have done with a little less of this and hope that it is played down in future stories.  Johns has crafted a solid beginning for the new adventures of Aquaman.

Reis and Prado make a great team.  Some times I thought the art looked like the early Marvel work of John Byrne.  At others, I was reminded of the work of Neal Adams.  Then it hit me.  The art in this issue reminds me of a classic "Hulk Annual" that featured John Byrne inked by Bob Layton.  This is high praise.

The combination of Johns' script with the great art of Reis and Prado made this one of my favorite books in the New DC.

Highly recommended.

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