Thursday, November 24, 2011

Action #2 & #3

Writer:  Grant Morrison
Pencillers: Rags Morales & Brent Anderson
Inkers:  Rick Bryant & Brent Anderson

Like the first issue, Morrison keeps the action coming.  Luthor captured Superman at the end of the first issue and spends half of this issue torturing him.  In addition to the Superman vs. Lex Luthor and the U.S. Army, we get to see Lois Lane in action.  And, in orbit around Earth, is an alien ship that is communicating with Lex.

This continues to be one of the top comics being published today.  The art by Morales, Anderson, and Bryant is fantastic.

Morrison continues to reveal more about the early life of Superman as the action is going on.  

Highly recommended.  This should be on everyone's pull list.

Writer:  Grant Morrison
Pencillers:  Rags Morales & Gene Ha
Inkers:  Rick Bryant & Gene Ha

The story takes a slightly unorthodox approach with the short story at the front of the book and the main story in the back.

Gene Ha does some of his best work on the "World of Krypton" short story.  Innovative designs, non-standard panel layout, and fantastic art combine to make this a beautiful story to look at.  Morrison's story fills in some of the background of what went on during the final days of Krypton.

The main continues the story from the previous issues.  Clark is trying to bring down Glen Glenmorgan down while the media is opening an all out assault to ruin Superman.  Meanwhile, Lex Luthor finally comes face to face with the alien he has been in contact with.

Morrison and the various artists continue to make this a must read title.

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